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Your Shape Review

Your Shape Challenge Update I’ve been part of the Your Shape Challenge for the past eight weeks, and while I’ve mentioned the game a lot and talked about a few different aspects of it, I haven’t really done a full review, so the people running the challenge have asked me to do one. First of […]

Win a Your Shape to get yours in shape!

UPDATE: Congratulations to the winner of the Your Shape game, Christine W.! The Challenges So I completely killed the week five challenge for the Your Shape challenge that I’m participating in.  The ten participants get weekly challenges, like drink more water (which I did OK at, not great) or walk 10,000 steps a day (which […]

Weight Loss Tuesday: Hitting the Road

Travel is scaring me I’ll be out of town for most of the next two weeks. That’s a little scary for me right now. I panic when I’m in situations where I can’t count calories, say “screw it” and go crazy. I also have a hard time passing up free food and buffets, and the […]

Weight Loss Tuesday: I Suck (but you get a giveaway)

So the first week of the Your Shape Challenge is coming to an end.  I did the exercises on the Wii the first day of the challenge.  Actually, technically, the second, because I waited until after midnight.  Typical. I had people in my house all week installing things, and the Wii is right next to […]

Weight Loss Tuesday: I will do anything to avoid working out

I just did my first “Your Shape” workout for the Wii.  It was hard. I agreed to do a three-month weight loss/fitness challenge with nine other women.  The great folks at Nintendo recently sent me a Wii, so I jumped at the chance to use it to get fit when the “Your Shape” opportunity came […]

Weight Loss Tuesday: Resolutions are not for me

I think my brain works differently than most people’s.  The few times I’ve made eating and exercise resolutions they’ve gone something like this: I start strong on January 1st, do OK on January 2nd, and falter on January 3rd.  Having messed up my brand-spanking-new resolution, I vow to start fresh on the following Monday.  I […]

“Princess and the Frog” Review and a Big Disney Giveaway

The Movie The kids and I went to a media screening of The Princess and the Frog a few weeks ago, and I’d be thrilled to go back and buy tickets for all of us now that the movie is open.  It was fantastic. I love Disney’s princess movies.  They’ve got the formula down: Girl, […]

Tony Hawk: RIDE available today!

Last month Activision flew me and my kids out to California for an amazing weekend.  We visited Tony Hawk’s skateboarding facility in San Diego, where we got to watch him and some friends skate and bike, which was worth the cross-country trip all by itself. Then we got to hang out with him and play […]

Jillian Michaels Fitness Ultimatum 2010: when my computer got fat

Last week I went to an event at Chelsea Piers featuring Jillian Michaels (that’s my friend Beth Feldman of Role Mommy on stage with Jillian – Beth hosted the event).  You know Jillian.  Even if you don’t watch “The Biggest Loser” you’ve probably still seen the commercials or seen her on a talk show.  (At […]

Weight loss Tuesday: [hiding]

When I don’t want to deal with something, I simply hide from it and ignore it.  Before I had kids, that meant staying in bed as much as possible.  Now that I have responsibilities other than myself, I can’t do that, so I hide in other ways.  Like not writing a weekly post about weight […]