Amy Oztan is the founder of,, and, as well as a founding member of the podcasts Blogging Angels and Parenting Bytes. She has two kids and lives in Brooklyn, NY with her husband and cats.

  • Travel

    Memories Of A Barftastic Road Trip

    Our most memorable road trip (so far!) happened this past Thanksgiving. We were driving from Brooklyn to Buffalo, and if we had been smart we would have left in the morning. But I wasn’t packed or ready, as usual, so we finally headed out after an early dinner.

  • Parenting

    How to deal with a proselytizer honestly

    So we were late for soccer yesterday (what else is new) and were rushing out the door. My son gets down the stairs first, and crosses paths with a well-dressed guy who says “Hey there, how are you?” and holds out his hand. Jake was wary. He said, “I’m not supposed to talk to strangers” and backed away (I was so proud!). The gentleman (whom I had recognized by now as an employee at Jake’s school) said “Come on, you see me every day!” (Jake was used to seeing him in a uniform.)

  • Entertainment

    Kung Fu Panda Review

    One of my biggest pet peeves is people who talk in movie theaters. I can’t stand it. I shushed my future husband the first time we went to a movie together (he didn’t break up with me on the spot, and I knew we were destined to be together forever). So it was fate’s idea of a joke to give me two children who rarely shut up during movies. It’s a testament to how good the Kung Fu Panda movie is that my children were the quietest they’ve ever been in a theater. Not silent, and still annoying, but better than they ever have been, and for the first time…

  • Parenting

    Do families always have to do everything together?

    On Sunday I had the opportunity to go to a fabulous event for bloggers and their families, in anticipation of a new kids movie coming out. We were supposed to go to this thing as a family. All four of us going somewhere together is a rare occurrence these days, mostly because without time away from our kids, my husband and I would go insane. So we tag-team them a lot, one of us taking them for a while and then the other one taking them – usually I have them on Saturdays, and he has them on Sundays. I know some of our friends think that this is strange,…

  • Parenting

    My first post

    It’s true, I’m a selfish mom. And that’s not always a bad thing. In my neighborhood, which is rather liberal and crunchy, I see a lot of moms who seem to have completely given themselves up to their kids. They “wear” them most of the day. They get on the playground equipment with them. They homeschool them.