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Do families always have to do everything together?

On Sunday I had the opportunity to go to a fabulous event for bloggers and their families, in anticipation of a new kids movie coming out.

We were supposed to go to this thing as a family. All four of us going somewhere together is a rare occurrence these days, mostly because without time away from our kids, my husband and I would go insane. So we tag-team them a lot, one of us taking them for a while and then the other one taking them – usually I have them on Saturdays, and he has them on Sundays. I know some of our friends think that this is strange, but they should try it. It simply doesn’t take two adults to take two children to the playground. One of us would rather be off doing our own thing.

But we don’t want to do this all the time, because the kids do enjoy it when we all go out together. So my husband had agreed – rather enthusiastically, actually – to go with us to this movie event. We were all excited.

Until Sunday actually came, of course. Then, predictably, my husband no longer wanted to go. He had already had a long day with the kids, taking them to Prospect Park. When the time rolled around to hop on the subway, he was begging me to let him off the hook. He was offering me anything I wanted: an entire extra day off from the kids, buying things that normally drive him batty, doing other things he doesn’t normally want to do. In the end, I let him off the hook in exchange for nothing (at least not yet). He just looked too exhausted and pathetic. And I’ve learned that when I try to force these things, they never turn out well.

Plus, next time I really don’t want to go somewhere, he’ll owe me!

Do you always do everything as a family?

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